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Periodontal and Esthetic Procedures

Esthetics Matter

These procedures are aimed to enhance the esthetic smile. Sometimes they require soft tissue grafting procedures. Correction of minor inconsistencies can be improved with collagen type injections. We do not use Botox, but use other commercially approved and FDA approved materials.
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Both doctors have a broad range of experience in periodontal procedures, and second opinions are welcome.

  • Comprehensive periodontal examination and medical histories
  • Oral hygiene instructions
  • Scaling and root planing
  • Esthetic crown lengthening to eliminate or reduce a gummy smile
  • Correction of periodontal pockets around natural teeth
  • Gingival or gum grafting to reduce or eliminate gum recession
  • Periodontal regenerative procedures
  • Periodontal esthetic procedures, including use of soft tissue "fillers" to correct minor gum defects
  • Bite adjustments
  • Night grinding appliances

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